About Plank

Plank is a sophisticated resource of cheeky, unique and beautifully designed accessories for yoga and life. Its mission is to encourage yoga practice uptake one visually stunning yoga mat at a time…

Plank’s core product is its Gripping Art Yoga Mat, which uses art-commissioned photography & high gallery quality resolution to produce stunning & impactful images on the last unchartered print medium of the 24″x72″ canvas of the yoga mat. Plank is the only company to date, to provide this quality of imagery on a functional, gripping yoga mat. Plank was deliberate in its image choice to shake the yoga fundamentalists off their Grounded feet, to wake them up to the real world and to stop talking & seeing the world from their Drishti/focus point. Plank loves yoga purists for their knowledge & insight, but seriously loosen up or stop buying yoga pants that are way too tight, very few of us can afford the time to practice yoga everyday or go on extreme fasts & regimes, however we thank you for doing so and sharing your journeys with us, so that we can roll out our mats, hopefully one or two times a week. A little lightening up and less Downward Dogma could go a longer way to encouraging more mat time, you never know, next might come a chant or perhaps some tofu…

Plank’s complimentary lifestyle collection of bags & small leather goods embodies the same qualities of originality and hums with the same understated & unapologetic chic and irony.

Plank’s breath of fresh air message, encourages freedom to embellish, camp it up and bring humour into the studio & take it along with you, wherever you may go…


Check out our Website at: www.plankdesigns.com

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