Part 1: Bonding Through Wellness. Whoda thunk it of a repenting, elitist fashionista.

Plank’s Mom + Mat + Me, Mother’s Day Initiative was born out of frustration and also out of being a platform to share my perspective of the benefits of a yoga practice with those who wouldn’t normally consider rolling out a mat, preferably a Plank Mat but any mat will do…Sunday, May 8th 2-4pm, Plank in collaboration with South Boston Yoga is presenting a Bonding Through Wellness Workshop. Three unique workshops that are informative, playful classes and accessible for every family member whatever their flexi-gripe, from grandparents to the adult kids all the way down to the little ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a regular practioner, everyone benefits from being in optimally aligned.

  • For the Adults: 2 classes for the adult family members, a Pose Precision Class and a Slow Flow with Precision Class
  • For the young ones: Kids Explore and Align.

This workshop is great gift idea for the guys, who generally have a tendency to f*** it up, big time. Take an interest in her interest, i.e. your Mother’s or wife’s wellbeing, and go with her to class. If not there is a limited time opportunity to buy 2 for 1 Plank’s Luxe Yoga Mats for the 2 most important women in your life, your Mom and the Misses. For the smart ones, you’ve already considered the Mother In Law, too…

For those of you who are passionate about sharing yoga, but tend to f*** up big time, when we bring our nearest and dearest to class. Happy to have finally dragged a loved one to your favourite teacher but, totally forgetting what it’s like to be a beginner. After 5 deep, fast & powerful Sun Salutations, you look to the back of the room and you know your trust has forever more been broken?

Thus out of frustration, I wanted to create an awareness initiative for those that mattered to me, and felt I needed to incorporate the following 3 important elements:

  • that the regular yoga practioner was able to experience a new perspective about their bodies
  • that the novice or guest feels the possibilities of yoga’s benefits for their health and wellbeing
  • that there is playfulness and moments in between pose work and sequences to share with your families and guests.

Mother’s Day is in honour of all Mothers, and to me a celebration of families being playful and radiating care through sharing, in between the pose work and short sequencing. Thus, finally, thanks to Plank, South Boston Yoga, the wonderful instructors of the day and the generous local sponsors, we have created the class you’ve been waiting for, to get your Mom + Co to the mat with you.

Make your Mother proud and take on the real conversation about the family’s wellbeing…

I demand that you REGISTER NOW, pwetty please…

TWHG, an audacious expert in all things, shoes + heels + fitting yoga into a busy lifestyle…

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