Celebrities Embrace the Yoga Lifestyle and Pass it on

We all know how celebrities can boost the popularity of just about anything and start new trends in an instant. According to yogadelights.com, yoga’s popularity has risen tremendously within the past few years because of this celebrity recognition and newfound trend. These Hollywood Yogis practice yoga for many different reasons, but they all roll out their yoga mats and embrace the yoga lifestyle.

Madonna practicing Yoga

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Here is how some of the celebrities use yoga to better their daily lives: Madonna has regularly practiced yoga for many years. She does Ashtanga Yoga, which is a bit more aerobic in nature and provides a cardiovascular workout. Jennifer Aniston, another well-known Yogi, practices yoga because it is therapeutic for her, as it has helped her deal with her breakup with Brad Pitt. Yoga helps Meg Ryan, as well as her husband Dennis Quaid, focus on what’s important in her life. On the other hand, the Lakers Team practices yoga with different purposes in mind. A few times a week, the Lakers do yoga together in order to improve performance and prevent injuries.

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Additional celebrities that practice yoga include Jennifer Lopez, Ellen Pompeo, Ricky Martin, Sandra Bullock, Whitney Port, Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow even has a home studio built into her London home.

The question that comes to mind is why in recent years have so many celebrities devoted themselves to yoga? Well there are countless reasons, one of the biggest being that it is an overall workout of mind, body, and spirit. One of the most important reasons is for health benefits. Yoga tones and strengthens the body, which creates lean and long muscles. Another major reason celebrities regularly practice yoga is that it “ages them backwards”. This means looking younger, feeling younger, and keeps one at mental peace. Celebrities are always in the spotlight and are under pressure to always look their best. Yoga is the perfect solution because it allows celebrities to relax while still looking their best.

Yoga has also become a fashion statement because of celebrities. Celebrities like Madonna have publicized their devotion to yoga through the media. Now, people are making an effort to do yoga because their favorite celebrity is doing it.

Matthew McConaughey practicing Yoga on the beach.

For the celebrity moms, yoga has been a way to lose the weight after having a baby and regaining their figure. At times, when an actor or actress needs to lose some weight for a role, they take on yoga to fulfill that. Many celebrities practice yoga simply because it calms and de-stresses them. This is especially important for celebrities, as they can deal with the stress associated with being in the spotlight. Yoga teaches balance, mindfulness, and peace.

Thanks to these celebrities that have chosen to lead a healthy yoga lifestyle, yoga has been globalized, attracting people to the practice from around the world. Fan pages across the social networking world are sharing their products with the world. Good or bad, celebrities have affected yoga practice by popularizing it attracting more people to the practice then ever before. They are passing on the gift of yoga to people who might never have considered yoga before. Not only are the celebrities who practice yoga benefitting the public by encouraging yoga, but they benefit the yoga industry because of the attraction and appeal to yoga and yoga products. Because of the influence celebrities have had on yoga, yoga merchandise has had the opportunity to expand. Check out Plank’s designer yoga mats for a unique spin on yoga. Yoga and the yoga industry have benefitted from this celebrity recognition, and with new opportunities as a result, who knows what the yoga industry will bring us Yogis next.

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