A few words about the State of the Fashion Industry, from the Well-Heeled Guru…

A few words about the State of the Fashion Industry, from the Well-Heeled Guru…

At its worst, the fashion industry inspires narcissism, self indulgence, low self esteem; filled with a bunch of affected, superior lovies, bankrupt of spirit and bank accounts… Guilty, as prefaced in the bio, I’m a repenting Elitist Fashionista. For someone short of stature and squat of Asian nose, somehow I have managed to look down my nose at people, even when they are taller than me… Go figure, must have been those high heels, I wear for really long times

Super Models & Fashionistas

Sometimes I wish the Fashion Industry would get a new marketing message that really expressed the values and benefit this industry adds to people’s lives

At a minimum, the fashion industry is a serious business

  • Generating revenue for the economy, both domestically and internationally
    • Jobs, in design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, construction, fitness and media
    • Develop new industries
    • Deplete resources
  • Influencing and developing new trends that can move society forward
    • Creating desire, demand, supply
    • Highlighting cultural trends
  • Promoting an appreciation of the skills, education & techniques to craft & engineer apparel and footwear for all taste + income levels.
    • Inspiring Creativity + Originality

Envious of an era when debauched, Prima Donnas of the Fashion Industry was the norm, when I review some of the basic facts of the nature of the fashion industry, it does sound, pretty boring and corporate. To me, the way the Fashion Industry currently markets itself is wrong. Stereotyped with individuals whose ways of being & looking at the world can open new worlds of dimension and form, that are sometimes misunderstood, just plain crazy or wanting to be left alone. The leaving alone or being hidden from view, seems such an oxymoron when you are damn smack in the middle of a visual enhancing experiencing industry. I’ve been there before with the superior, only if you’re in the know ‘tude. Maybe old or have no sense of boundaries anymore, but when I have learnt something new or just simply love something, I just want to holler loud and proud, so others can learn to love it too. Looking at my mini list of what the fashion industry does, simply by making clothes, shoes and accessories, the impact and influence it has on people’s lives and wellbeing is awe inspiring.

Yes, there is a sh*t load of money to be made from the business, and like any industry, it can look good, bad or down right ugly. When I look at those that poo poo the Fashion Industry, (note no funds were spared for this personal POV) often it is those, that are envious of the fact, that a serious business can be so much fun…

For me, Fashion at its purist builds self confidence. Witnessing lightness of being, when a well cut jacket removes 20lbs of visual + mental weight off an individual is Fashion creating its typical miracle.

Now that’s my kinda industry. Serious, sometimes. Professional, always. Fun, always, forever and beyond…

WHG, an expert in all things, shoes + heels + fitting yoga into a busy lifestyle…

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