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Going to be a house guest this summer? Give the gift of yoga!

July 29, 2010
A Summer Guide to Yoga

Many of us will be graciously invited to be guests at our friends’ homes or summer homes around the country. If your friend’s home by the sea or lake is impeccably decorated, or if you know your friend has a passion or wants to jump start their well-being lifestyle, then a six pack or pack of frozen burgers might not translate your gratitude effectively. A Plank yoga mat is a gift for life. Pass on the gift of yoga while also giving a unique design piece to a friend all in one. Plank designer yoga mats are unique and inspirational to help you improve your lifestyle and well-being.

These are just a few examples of taking Yoga out of the studio and applying it to everyday life. Plank calls this real-world application a Plank AAPP. To Plank AAPP literally means, Awareness+Application=Planks Perspective. Check out The Well Heeled Guru for updated Plank AAPPs that can enrich your life.

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