Family Day Yoga + BBoy Dance Off + Food Trucks = Chock a Block weekend…

This weekend I’m flying solo with the kids… Here’s what we’re up to, the Well-Heeled Guru always enjoys company and if you don’t want to join me, but are stuck on ideas to do in Beantown, here’s a few ideas from an urban mother’s perspective… All deets are posted in WHG calendar… Friday August 6th […]

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5 Yoga Experiences You Can’t Miss

With the Telluride, Flagstaff and Wanderlust yoga festivals ending yesterday, it may feel like your summer festival opportunities are over – but don’t fear, the well-heeled guru is here. We have put together a guide of the best remaining summer yoga experiences. From Nantucket to West Virginia, people are still celebrating the beautiful gift of […]

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A Business Intern’s First Yoga Experience

The day had finally come where my immersion into the world of Plank would be complete. I was the last of the three interns to attend Back Bay Yoga’s community class, so the pressure was on to impress both my boss and my peers. As we cut through the streets of Charlestown and into Boston’s […]

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Discovering Yoga: An Intern’s Perspective

Yesterday I attended my third ever yoga class of the summer at Back Bay Yoga Studio. I have become much more familiar with the basic poses and progressions that these classes go through. I enjoyed the class very much and left feeling great. Afterwards, I started to think more about the class and yoga in […]

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Hollaaahh, like you just don’t care. Confessions of Virgin Hollerer…

I often wondered what the noise is about when folks talk about loud or vocal bedroom partners, however the other day I released the loudest S C R E A M with the help of a Plank AAPP during the build up to an O & I felt I just had to share how easy […]

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