Father’s Day is near, what’s your game plan to improve his play… Plank thinks yoga might do the trick…

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time he realized all the advantages of Yoga that you already know. Below is a list of Dad’s favorite activities and how Yoga can change his outlook today

The GolferIt’s time he stopped blaming the clubs. Rolling out a mat for some yoga time will have dad’s drive flying straighter and further than ever before.
Core: yoga strengthens the core to enable better body control and rotation, making Dad’s swing that much sweeter.
Grounding: grounding is a yoga technique that will help him learn to push-off the ground when rotating through his swing. More push means more distance and power generated from his swing.
Shoulders: tense shoulders can negatively effect the swing. Yoga enables Dad to see how powerful his swing becomes when the shoulders are switched off & relaxed
WeightliftingIf you can get him in a Yoga studio it will be Dad’s friends at the bench press that are asking, “what’s the secret”. Yoga can pump up muscles dad probably didn’t even know he had.

Core: The core strength he will gain from yoga will physically allow him to life heavier weights, more often.
Grounding: The grounding technique helps dad pushing off the ground and feeling the explosiveness during a squat or clean.
Shoulders: relaxed shoulders can actually bare more weight than when dad’s tensed up from a day at the office. Dropping his shoulders will result in more reps and more weight.
RunningDad got a 5k route that’s a little sluggish? Watch Dad either run his usual 5k with ease or to pick up the ante to go way beyond. A couple of yoga tips applied to his run that will leave the rest of the pack in the dust…

Core: Controlling his core during a run will make him feel lighter on his feet and he’ll look better doing it.
Grounding: grounding during running will teach him to use the ground as a friend, not foe. Pushing off the ground makes running a breeze, especially when conquering that next hill.
Shoulders: relaxing his shoulders during a run will open the chest and allow him to take deeper fuller breaths. The result is more o2 and an enjoyably easier jog.

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