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What it takes to be a Plank Mate:

  1. Be thoughtful and inspirational, the next great idea is just around the corner..
  2. Find Mates who wants to share the benefits of their yoga practice to inspire others to look to yoga & wellness as a primary tool for health, fitness & mental goals.
  3. Be a spirited representatives of the Plank brand in communities around the United States & World
  4. Willing to spread Plank’s message of using Art as a medium to change the visual perspective & as a result the verbal dialogue for yoga. In opening up the conversation Plank’s goal is to inspire more people to roll out a mat… and take up yoga to see ALL of yoga’s benefits….

What’s in it for you?

  1. As a Plank Mate you will have direct access to the Well-Heeled Guru’s mentorship, guidance & usage of Plank AAPP’s, awareness + application of yoga tips for life for programs & projects that compliment Plank’s mission.
  2. Participation in an inspiring community, that enables personal growth that youve witnessed through your yoga practice
  3. Continual support for yoga practice both inside&outside the yoga studio
  4. As a Thank-You for supporting Plank products and the Plank mission, you can earn a Commission on sales, starting at 5% and ranging as high as 15%.


The Plank Mates program is set up to source & provide key leaders for grass-roots programs. Plank Mates attend events and help coordinate events held remotely from the Plank headquarters in Boston. You are a go-to resource for future territorial Sales Force or Boston office for advice & physical help where appropriate. Expectations include

  1. Share Plank product & events info with network & support in engaging participation to spread the word
  2. Product feed back & testimonials, must be active with social media or have forums to share info with other
  3. Engage with other Plank Mates at least 2-3 times per week
  4. To engage regularly via various forms of communication & social media, to encourage free flow of ideas
  5. Reference feedback to Plank products on other PM networks, to share with their audience
  6. Be a local foot soldier, go-to person for info & resources for future Plank events
  1. Charity Events
  2. Family Events
  3. Grassroots Events
  4. Trunk Shows

To Become a Plank Mate today contact:

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