Plank Mates

Plank Mates are thoughtful and inspirational thinkers that are looking to enrich their lives by joining the Plank community and spreading the Plank message. A good Plank Mate is eager to share the benefits of their yoga practice in order to inspire others to look to yoga & wellness as a primary tool for health, fitness & mental goals.

Plank uses Art as a medium to change the visual perspective and as a result, the verbal dialogue for yoga. With your help this inspired conversation should have people rolling out mats in an attempt to incorporate all of yoga’s benefits into their daily life.

As a Plank Mate you will have direct access to the Well-Heeled Guru. With her guidance and mentorship, you will be able to effectively explain and incorporate Plank AAPPs  with potential customers. Plank Mates are encouraged to partake in social media and a variety of events to reinforce their connection and understanding of the Plank lifestyle. A successful Plank Mate will be rewarded on a commission basis; however, the true reward of being a Plank Mate is the mental, physical and spiritual satisfaction that accompanies the Plank way of life.

If your looking to channel your inner Plank Mate, shoot us an e-mail to get started..

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