Plank AAPPs

Plank AAPPs are a huge part of what makes Plank unique. Literally, a Plank AAPP is.. Awareness+Application=Plank’s Perspective Plank’s perspective is all about taking Yoga out of the studio and bringing it into your life. Plank is a lifestyle brand that encourages the fusion of Yoga techniques with everyday life. As founder and creative director, […]

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Charcuterie Plate + a blunt Global Knife. Funny where yoga shows up…

On the┬áPlank fanpage I reported how I was over zealous on my wrist, in an attempted Side Crow. The following day, I felt some relief from an Arm Balance workshop, as┬áPeter Crowley’s instruction was so precise that, the wrist rarely felt the full body pressure and I left class, with a feeling of on-the-road to […]

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The Well-Heeled Guru finally has a place to put her feet up…

Today, I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to set up, this frickin’ blog, which all & sundry have said I should do. So here goes… Luckily tonight, I will have Blogging Lessons 101, at the Blogger’s Ball, hosted by the ladies who create, Design Salon Boston…

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