The WHG, not your typical yogi, drills Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains in between light sabre battles…

Absolutely chuffed, honoured + surprised that my local yoga studio, the uber studio, ┬áSouth Boston Yoga, chose the Well-Heeled Guru, i.e. not your typical yogi, to host Tom Myers, Founder of Kinesis, Inc whilst* he presented his Anatomy Trains workshops over this Columbus Day Weekend. Since I was working on personal growth this weekend, c/o […]

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Yoga: Check. Day one and the next, can be sooo complete …

I don’t have to practice yoga everyday, however when it was written in the cards and I miss my original window of opportunity, I get truly bent out of shape. Some days I can jump right into finding an alternative and other days I need a gentle push, even just posting my intention, helps to […]

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