A Business Intern’s First Yoga Experience

Back Bay Yoga Instructor, Georgia

The day had finally come where my immersion into the world of Plank would be complete. I was the last of the three interns to attend Back Bay Yoga’s community class, so the pressure was on to impress both my boss and my peers. As we cut through the streets of Charlestown and into Boston’s back bay, my anxiety began to grow with every mile. We quickly found a convenient parking spot and hustled out of the impeding rain and into the studio.

I entered the class only to stop abruptly at the realization that the class was almost entirely full with little floor space available. Georgia, the class instructor, beckoned me forward, “come on up, we have a spot right in the front” she said. Instantly a panic rushed over me, I froze, I could feel the weight of 30 eyes glaring at the new guy. “You can do this” I told myself, walking forward Georgia had cleared a spot in the dead center, front row of the class. I rolled out my Plank Shag mat and subtly glanced around the room to see what yogi’s do in the minutes before class starts…I resort to sitting Indian style.  The next hour and a half is a relative blur to me now. Somewhere between the puddles of sweat, ominous ohms, and a whole lot of child’s pose, I did yoga. Georgia was able to guide me through the experience in such a basic fundamental way, holding poses and executing positions started to feel like second nature. I walked away feeling refreshed and surprisingly exhausted. Was I the best person to have leading by example in the front of the class? Absolutely not. But during my first 90minutes I was able to soak in the essence of the company I work for. I was able to appreciate the hard work and commitment necessary to succeed, while also embracing the spirituality and art that flows through yoga. Now I look forward to my next class as an opportunity to challenge myself and leave childs pose in the past. Crane and peacock pose, here I come, just save some room for me in the back.

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