Confessions of an Intern: My First Yoga Experience

Yesterday I attended my first ever yoga class with my boss, Doreen Hing, and what an experience it was. While Doreen was kind enough to give me some pointers the day before about using my core, proper hand placement, and relaxing my shoulder, I still had no idea what I was getting into. We participated in a power yoga class at Baron Baptiste Power Yoga. I was surprised by the intensity of the class, and even more surprised by the heat! I can honestly say that I have never sweated so much in my entire life, it was awesome. I get to go back this first week for free since it was my first time too, so I’ll be sure to do that.
I took away a lot from my first yoga experience. I saw that flexibility is not the only factor in yoga. Balance is extremely important, but not the way most people perceive it. Yoga focuses on distributing your weight almost perfectly, so that you can hold a certain pose for an extended period of time, while also feeling comfortable. You focus on using muscles that are often under-utilized to assist you in the poses. The workout you get from yoga is extremely different from anything I have ever experienced. Overall, a very cool introduction into the real world of yoga, and I am very excited to do it again soon.
(Side note: I even got a couple compliments on my ‘Pills’ mat made by Plank!)

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